How to protect yourself

Please be aware that scams can happen if you do not know the person you are sending money to!

Do not send money through Western Union for the following:

  • For a purchase of goods/ services over the Internet – e.g. car purchase, usually at a more favorable price than the market price;
  • For costs incurred as a way of receiving some inheritance;
  • To participate in a lottery or prize winning;
  • For a rental property;
  • For an employment proposal;
  • To cover costs incurred to receive a visa or a permit to work abroad;
  • To cover travelling costs of a person you have met through social networks and websites;
  • To help a friend or a family member, due to an SMS message or e-mail, which plead you send money for an emergency;
  • For cheque withdrawal of a cheque deposited in your name and which takes time to be cashed.

Our advice:

  • Send money only to persons you know well and trust.
  • Details of your transfer are confidential and you should not share them with any other person but the Receiver.
  • If you are not able to establish the identity of the person who contacted you prior to sending, do not send money.
  • If the offer sounds too good to be true, it is possible that fraud is involved.
  • A money transfer can be paid out to the Receiver within a very short time. After the money has been paid, you cannot obtain a refund from Western Union, even if the transfer was a result of fraud.
  • Once you have sent the money, there is no way to delay payment if you change the first and last name of the Receiver or destination country, or if you do not inform the Receiver about the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
  • Should you like to obtain more information about the Western Union service or if you sent money via Western Union and think you may be a victim of fraud, call our Customer Service Center at: 011/333 4 999.

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